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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shattered Innocence

Yet another entry in the never would have seen it if it hadn't been for Lifetime Movie Network genre.

This film based loosely on the life of Shauna Grant,(who was based on the adult films star, Colleen Applegate) a 20 year old adult film star who shot herself in 1984. Allegedly Colleen's parents used the money they got from selling the rights to purchase her tomb stone.

The film centers around the character of Pauleen Anderson, a young girl from the Midwest who goes to Hollywood to become a star. Like a lot of girls Pauleen instead falls into the world of adult films and cocaine. Disgusted with what she's become, she tries to get out of that world by moving in with a kindly, older, cocaine dealer (ironically portrayed a kind and caring character. However when he gets busted and goes to prison, Pauleen sadly returns to the world she left behind, eventually committing suicide.

This film would have been a simple run of the mill little girl lost tale if it hadn't been for Jonna Lee, who played Pauleen. She gave the character an innocence at reminded the viewer that despite what she was doing for a living, she still was a teenager. The film also interestingly doesn't blame it all of the adult film industry. Instead it shows how easily a naive girl can be drawn into the glitz and glamor of the industry and not see what's underneath it all.

Jonna Lee oddly stopped acting shortly after this film aired. The movie also stars Melinda Dillion and Stephen Schnetzer who Another World fans will remember as Cass Winthrop.