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Monday, June 4, 2012

Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway

 This movie never had a chance. When you are the Z grade sequel to a B grade film starring Tawny Kitaen, you are pretty much doomed to fail. Just when you thought it was safe to contact the spirits, I bring you Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway.

  It's the same old story, girl discovers Ouija board, girl contacts someone evil, girl gets possessed and I die a little inside. The story line is incoherent with underdeveloped red herrings and the most annoying main character I have ever encountered in a horror film.

 Ami Dolenz plays Paige, an aspiring artist who leaves her  completely supportive boyfriend to pursue her dreams. She manages to rent a sweet loft that comes with it's own evil Ouija board. She contacts Susan, a former tenant who claims to have been murdered. She becomes suspicious when everyone clams up and claims that she moved suddenly.

 You might remember Ami from that other horror movie, the Tony Danza vehicle known as She's Out of Control and other assorted teeny bopper flicks. It's almost like Witchboard was her failed attempt at having a grown up role. She even uses curse words. Of course, this is hand waved away as a symptom of her possession. She spends the film either whining or fluttering around in white mini dresses. She's about as grown up as a college freshman at her first kegger.

  The red herrings consist of Paige's supportive boyfriend, the least annoying character in the whole picture.  He's portrayed as a bad guy because he doesn't support her art. There's also the cute boy next door, the sleazy landlord and his dizzy hippie wife. Laraine Newman plays the dizzy hippie who is also the killer. This might have been an interesting twist if the motive or character had any actual development. Laraine Newman sure loves her terrible '90s sequels, she also appeared in Problem Child 2.

   The ending was complete mess. Paige lived which was a huge disappointment. The motives of both the evil spirit and her murderer are vague and confusing. And the ending was a lame comedic scene which would have been more at home in a Rom Com than a horror film.

   Avoid this movie. It's 98 minutes snatched cruelly from your life.