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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Blogroll: A book that changed your life

It would have to be Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel. No I am not bipolar nor have I ever taken Prozac but I have been in Miss Wurtzel's shoes. I was the girl who would one minute be smiling and the next in tears. I had the pessimistic who gives a shit we are all going to die anyway mentality. I cut myself before cutting became the disturbingly "trendy" thing to do nowadays. I would drink and party to excess often causing a scene or becoming a nuisance.

I was a prisoner of my own emotions and I hated every minute of it. And I thought I was a freak, there was no one who acted the way I did. Then I read Prozac Nation and nearly cried reading it. Elizabeth was a lot like I was and it alienated her friends and family and made her life Hell.

As she worked her way to some sort of recovery, I began taking stock of my life. Writing became less a hobby to me and more an outlet to my emotions. I learned how to maturely deal with my anger and not to self-medicate myself with booze. I have a steady mature relationship with a man I love. I am making friends and not alienating them with unnecessary drama or tantrums.

When I felt alone, I felt there was no hope for me but after reading Prozac Nation and realized that I wasn't alone. I had hope which I think saved my life.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tuck Is Out And Torpey Is In

Jessica Tuck who played Megan Gordon from 1988 to 1992 will not be returning to One Life To Live for the 40th anniversary extravaganza. She was supposed to appear in an upcoming Heaven sequence after Viki Buchanan gets into a car wreck.

However the powers that be will simply replace her with another Megan, Megan the late granddaughter of Viki. She was the stillborn daughter of Jessica Buchanan and Will Rapport. The fun part is she will be played by former Jessica portrayer Erin Torpey who played the role from 1990 until 2003.

It will be fun to see Torpey back albeit temporarily and this is an ingenious way of dealing with Tuck's departure. I haven't been watching One Life To Live for awhile but may just tune back in for this. Other actors returning for the anniversary are Phil Carey (Asa), Mark Derwin (Ben) and Stephen Markle (Mel).

The Heaven storyline won't be the only crazy storyline in the show's future. Tina will be forced by Carlo Hesser to watch her daughter go down the Iguazรบ Falls, her character was presumed dead after going down those same 'falls in the early 80's. Both John Loprieno will be retuning for this storyline as well.

And Bo and Rex will be struck by lightning and transplanted back in 1968 (the year the show debuted) and find themselves taking over the roles of Asa and a younger Bo.

I don't know if this will be the lamest idea that One Life To Live has had or the most creative. But it definitely has me interested in getting back into the show just to see how it turns out.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What’s your favourite smell in the world and why

This is another assignment for my blog tour group. This may sound weird but my favorite smell in the world is gasoline. It just brings back this nostalgic feeling from my childhood.

I grew up in Texas and cars, garages were a big part of my childhood. It's your father in the garage with his friends, beers in hand as they talked about carburetors and engines or what not. Rock n roll blaring from the radio. I loved being in there just listening and feeling safe.

Gasoline also brings to mind other Texas memories, family reunions by the lake. I would watch my cousins fuel up their dirt bikes. I would wait there hoping for one of them to take pity on me and take me for a ride.

Gasoline also brings to mind the summer trips I took with my Dad. Loading up on junk food and gas at the station before taking off to Disneyland, or Friday Harbor to visit family, or Las Vegas where Dad would give me a bunch of money and send me up to the kids part of Circus Circus while he happily gambled in the casino.

Gasoline has always brought up pleasant memories and good times in my life.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Futurama Trailer

It looks fun I like the fact that it appears that Kip and Amy will hook up. There was virtually none of their relationship in Bender's Big Score. While the movies are fun I do hope Comedy Central gets off their duffs and does an actual season of the show. Fans cannot live on straight to DVD movies alone.