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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finally A Reason To Watch SNL Again

Tina Fey will return to her old stomping grounds Feb 23 as host on the first post-strike show of the season. I for one am thrilled I used to watch religiously during the period she was on and never realized how much of an asset she was until she was gone. As talented as the current cast of SNL is, I simply could not watch after she left.

Also up for hosting will be Ellen Page who I also can't wait to see. She is an awesome actress who refuses to go for the script by numbers movies that a lot of actresses her age are stuck with. If you are unfamiliar with her go out and see Juno or stay at home and rent Hard Candy. They are both amazing films. Ellen Page will host March 1st.


Anonymous said...

Ellen Page going to host SNL......very cool.