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Friday, March 21, 2008

Cady McClain Returning To All My Children

Good news, our favorite spitfire from Pigeon Hollow is returning to her old stomping grounds. Bad news she will only be on for one day. Dixie's spirit will return to reunite Tad with their long lost daughter on May 2.

For those of you who don't watch the show, Dixie was an awesome character who first joined the show in 1988. Her character was sensitive, loving, and sassy. And she was a true joy to watch. Despite leaving in 1996, she would return twice more before being "officially" killed off in 2007. It was rumored that Cady was fired from the show after verbally chastising the show for letting go of longtime cast member Julia Barr. Cady fired back via her blog saying no such thing happened. Between her stints on All My Children, McClain also took over the role of Rosanna Cabot on As The World Turns

Her death in my opinion was a slap in the face to all the loyal Dixie fans out there. We spent all this time mourning Dixie and sat through a dull storyline that introduced her sister, Di, whom everyone thought might have been Dixie. When her character finally did return, she was cold and unsympathetic, nothing like the Dixie we'd grown to love over the years. And then she dispatched via poisoned pancakes in the equally dull Satin Stalker storyline.

Just because she appears as angel does not mean she simply can't come back. Lots of characters appeared as ghosts on the soaps only to return alive and well. General Hospital did that twice once with Edward and another time with Robert and Anna. Only time will tell if AMC will come to their senses.


cadyfan said...

It was great seeing Cady back on AMC, but I still wish she had a full time role there. Maybe bring her back as Dixie's longlost twin - anything - so her fans can still see her!