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Monday, March 29, 2010

Retro Flashback: Camp Cucamonga

In 1990, ABC gathered their finest teen idols and Camp Cucamonga was born. It's a fun but typical camp adventure with teen romance, adult shenanigans, and of course keeping the camp from being closed down.
This film has the most impressive cast list for a television movie. John Ratzenberger plays the goofy camp owner, Sherman Hemsley plays a wisecracking handyman and a pre-Leprechaun Jennifer Aniston plays one of the counselors.

The film truly belongs to the younger generation with Candace Cameron, Breckin Myer, Paul Savino, Chad Allen, Danica McKellar, and last but not least Jaleel White. This movie is worth it alone for Winnie Cooper wearing a Motley Crue t-shirt.

Other amusing scenes are Chad Allen portraying the camp heartthrob (Who else was shocked when he came out), Winnie Cooper and Paul Pfeiffer playing a couple, Candace Cameron playing a bitch for once in her career, and Jaleel White even gets his own musical number.

Poor Jaleel, little did he know that he would go from popular '90s icon to starring in such masterpiece cinema such as this.

I admit it, I initially Netflixed this to snark on but it's impossible. It's too fun and nostalgic and a must for anyone who was a kid in the late '80s and early '90s. By the way, I just realized that it has been exactly 20 years between the first time I saw this film and the most recent, I feel old.


Sadako said...

Whoa. The stars are really out in this one, eh? And I have to see that Jaleel White one!