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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Curse Of Degrassi

This episode was a great idea for a Halloween episode but not a great cast. The episode focuses on Rick Murray returning to Degrassi to seek out a little revenge. He possesses Holly J and then begins stalking the newbies as they try to get the gym ready for a dance.

Rick returning and Spinner finally making amends, good television. Stocking the episodes with a cast who were not part of the show during that initial storyline, pointless. Where were Toby, Jimmy, Sean, Emma, and Terri? They actually had storylines with Rick and would've given the fans of the show a nice blast from the past. It just loses it's impact with the newbie cast.

This episode was at least longer than Degrassi Of The Dead with it's fifteen minutes of show and then a lame 15 minutes behind-the-scenes featurette. Ephraim Ellis who played Rick does not physically appear in this episode, you only hear his voice. I don't know if Ephraim simply could not participate in the episode or if Degrassi didn't want the ghost of Rick to look like he has been getting older in the afterlife. Remember it has been about 4 years since his character was killed off. Actors may age but ghosts cannot.

The show was stolen by actress, Charlotte Arnold, who plays Holly J. She is wonderful and totally owns her role as a girl possessed by a vengeful spirit. My favorite quote from her in this episode was "Why don't you shut your piehole, Mamma Mia. I've telekentically murdered a lot of people tonight. What one more?" And this was uttered when she wasn't possessed.

The episode can be seen on The


Abigail Watson said...

I think Curse of Degrassi is fabulous! And Ephraim Ellis's voice - it's so hauntingly fascinating and beautiful! And his character Rick Murray - could there be a hotter ghost anywhere else?

As Michelle Tanner from Full House would say,

"Oh, puh-leease!"

LadyJ3000 said...

I'll have to agree with you on that point, Ephraim Ellis is a hottie.

Abigail Watson said...

Yeah! And he's so inspiring. Plus Rick Murray, his Degrassi character, is so cool - he reminds me of Harry Potter with the glasses too!