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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sleepaway Camp 3: The final nightmare.

Once again reminding us that there are better movies out there

After a long hiatus, I have returned. What better way to start a new year by finishing something I had started last year. It’s time to cover the final installment in the increasing shit storm know as the Sleepaway Camp series.

I have to start this review by stating that Angela has one of the stupidest motives in slasher history, stupider than Michael Myers’ thorn cult. Her motive is summer camp and not in the way that Jason Voorhees sees summer camp. She obviously loves bug juice and macrame art so much that she would kill for it.

Since part 2 and 3 were filmed back to back, the action takes place at Camp Rolling Rock now rechristened Camp New Horizons. In an effort to drum up some good publicity, the owner’s are hosting an outreach program for rich and poor teenagers.

Angela is really devoted to her motive. In the days before Facebook, she manages to get a hold of the list of the campers. She manages to find someone who looks enough like her so that she can use her I.D. without suspicion. She steals a truck in order to kill her and steal her stuff. She even takes the time to indulge in a little graffiti art.

Let’s condense this film, shall we? Most of the kids are assholes begging to die. The fact that Angela looks so old is mentioned in increasingly unfunny jokes. There are random acts of nude scenes and a very uncomfortable sex scene involving Michael Pollard. I understand that sex scenes are a staple of slasher films but this was just unpleasant. It was so graphic that one might have mistaken that scene for a bad porno instead of a bad horror film.

There are a couple of assets that makes this film a little more likable than its predecessor. One was the introduction of Officer Whitman. He was mentioned in the previous installment as one of Angela’s arresting officer and the father of one of her victims. I wish they had actually devoted more screen time with this instead of offing him so quickly.

I also enjoyed the character of Marcia. She is such a likable character that even Angela decides not to kill her. Marcia is also a bad ass rather than let Angela live, she engages the psycho into a knock down drag out fight where she emerges as the victor. The film even takes time to poke a little fun in the end at the typical romances that we find in slasher films.

And Michael Pollard it’s not your fault you resorted to such dire straits for money. If I can forgive Dennis Hopper for Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, I can forgive you.