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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Friends 'Til The End

I stumbled upon this film on one of the Lifetime stations and thought "Cool Shannen Doherty gets terrorized in it all it's mid 90's glory. Sadly this film couldn't even live up to the cheesy expectations I had for it.

This script was practically a love letter to Shannen Doherty. She plays Heather who is the lead singer in a popular band, girlfriend of a studly band mate (Jason or Jeremy London), popular member of a sorority but nice to everyone, beloved daughter of a happy suburban family and a good student to boot. She is also a bitch and a lover and a...........

She meets Zanne ( a weird deritive of Suzanne) an awkward girl who seems to worship Heather. She schemes to get her hands on an important paper and delivers it to a panicked Heather moments before she has to turn it in. She asks Heather to help her get to know the sorority that she is rushing. Despite the sorority's dislike of Zanne, Heather convinces them to take her.

However Zanne begins to plot against Heather, getting her in trouble with school, alienating her from her friends and stealing her boyfriend/band. A determined Heather investigates Zanne's past and learns that she and Zanne participated in a pageant when they were younger. A pageant that Heather won. Zanne is determined to be Heather even if she has to lie, cheat, and murder to do it.

The film also stars Jennifer Blanc, Marisol Nichols and Shanna Moakler

Spoiler Warning

The ending is ludicrous. Zanne and Heather compete in a battle of the bands together. Heather tells her she'll choke as usual but Zanne says that she's Heather now. Heather tells her she needs to get help. Zanne is first to perform but sees her mother in the audience. She begins to panic and see the specters of the people she killed. She of course chokes and Heather rushes to the stage with her band mate and the band plays the song Heather wrote. They play it perfectly despite having A.) never heard it before and B) Having never played it before. Zanne watches our angel Heather sing as she cries in her mother's arms.

After all that craptacular story AND Shannen Doherty singing there should have been a more intense ending. A fight to the death or even a lame get her to confess unaware that all her new found friends are listening. Anything other than a public breakdown and crying.