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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Woods

I came for Bruce Campbell but I stayed for a pretty decent film. Agnes Bruckner plays Heather, an alleged troublemaker who is sent to a pretty, swanky, girls school. As she is tested for some mysterious scholarship, she begins to have weird visions and prophetic dreams. As she begins to manifest powers, she becomes interested in mysterious voices that may be tied into a mass murder orchestrated by witches a hundred years ago.

This is a great horror film filled with suspense and an actual plot. There is none of the abject goriness that seems to plague a lot of horror films today. The movie is slightly predictable but it will not hamper your enjoyment of the movie.

Warning to Bruce Campbell fans, he only appears in the movie at the beginning and in the climatic ending. His character is Heather's father and does not have any bad ass Ash type scenes. Even though he gets to carry an axe at one point.

The movie also stars Patricia Clarkson and this awesome actress named Kathleen Mackey. If they ever go through with that alleged Poltergeist 4 movie she would make an awesome adult Carol Anne.