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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Cry For Help: The Tracey Thurman Story

This film is probably one of the more honest cinema portrayals of domestic violence I have ever seen. It is based off the true life story of Tracey Thurman, a woman who has was harrassed and stalked by her estranged ex husband, Buck Thurman. The police were no help in protecting her and her son, eventually she was stabbed by Buck in plain view of cops and neighbors. Buck only got 14 years in prison.

For further information on the case go to

Now back to the film, Nancy McKeon is amazing as Tracey. She is intense in the beating scenes and heartbreaking in the post stabbing scenes. She doesn't come off as some weak little woman afraid of life, but rather a fighter intent on survival.

Dale Midkiff is a shock in this, the only thing I can remember seeing him in was Pet Semartary. He's is truly scary as Buck Thurman. With another actor some of his lines could have come off as over the top. But in Midkiff's case, he gives viewers an honest look on how hard it can be to extradite yourself from a toxic relationship.

Warning the beating scenes are intense. Even I who have seen a lot of violent films was disturbed by the stabbing scenes. However I encourage people, especially women to see this film. Maybe Tracey's story can save other women from what happened to her.

The film also stars Bruce Weitz who currently plays Anthony on General Hospital.


Anonymous said...

Dale Midkiff is as profoundly intense as a hero as he is a villian. Everyone should check out his vast filmography. Dale has done tons of great movies and television series since then. He's the best actor ever!

Abigail Watson said...

I think this movie is excellent! And it is hard to get out of a toxic relationship, but gradually every woman finds the courage to do so. :)