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Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Saw What You Did

And frankly it could not have been more boring. This weak '80s television remake of the much superior '65 William Castle film does not deliver.

The film stars Shawnee Smith and Tammy Lauren as Kim and Lisa, two recent friends who are spending the evening together. As with every '80s teen or horror film, Kim's dad is conveniently out of town.

Faced with the horrifying idea of a boy less and cable less the girl do what any normal teenage girls would do. Yes, call random people with the ominous phrase "I saw what you did, I know who you are."

Harmless fun, what are the odds that they will actually call someone with something to hide, oops. Yes former Revenge of The Nerds star, Robert Carradine has just offed his girlfriend and is none too pleased to hear that he had a witness.

Sadly Kim gets are warm and giggly for this stranger and continues calling and taunting him. In true '80s fashion, she, her friend, and her little sister (played by Candace Cameron) take her dad's car and drive to his house. This lame little part is simply a plot device to get the killer to the unsuspecting teens house.

Then there are the most boring, drawn-out, stalker scenes where nothing happens. The ending is anti-climatic and contrived to say the least. To top if off there's some stupid tacked on ending promising a sequel that thankfully never came to fruition.

This film was doomed from the start. I love Shawnee Smith but character was too annoying to really root for. Robert Carradine did his best, but was all and all too darn dull to inspire terror in even the most easily frightened viewer.

Skip this film and head for the original version, Joan Crawford is simply divine in it.