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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

She Cried No

This film was originally released as She Cried No. However, for some insane reason it was retitled Freshman Fall. What kind of title is that nobody physically falls from anything, this title would have been more appropriate for Dying To Belong.

The adult in me wants to write that this movie is a lot better than most television films. The adult in me wants to praise it's portrayal of date rape, a topic that is something every girl should know about me. The teenager in me however wants to mock the god awful wardrobe. She also wants to squeal "Oh my god, Zach Morris is raping D.J. Tanner."

Candace Cameron plays Melissa, a freshman who goes to a frat party and gets raped by one of her brother's friends. She goes appropriately nuts for awhile before deciding to press charges. Unfortunately due to the fact that she was drunk the night of the party and didn't press charges right away, justice is too difficult to find.

Candace Cameron is a cutie but is cursed with mom jeans and boxy little vests throughout the film. Mark Paul Gosslear is actually a major a-hole in this film, refusing to accept what he did throughout the film.

The film also stars Nikki Cox and Jenna von Oÿ as Melissa's roommates. I normally adore Nikki Cox but she was flat out boring in her scenes. Jenna however was absoultely heart-breaking as a girl who suffers a smiliar fate as Melissa but with more disasterous results.

Stay tuned for when I review No One Would Tell a.k.a Kevin Arnold beats up D.J. Tanner.


Sadako said...

I LOVE No One Would Tell! Well, not love, but I found it on TV a long time ago and was all..."Buh? Kevin's abusive? to...DJ?! Awesome." And I found out about this one on IMDb. Heh. Sweet!!

Abigail Watson said...

Wow. The actor playing the rapist almost bears an uncanny resemblance to David Boreanaz, aka "Angel" from the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

This is a great movie!

Anonymous said...

Abigial, you're missing out on what makes this movie so awesome. The actor who plays the rapist is Zack from Saved by the Bell! This is hilarious. I bet no one counted on Zach being a delta phi frat chugger who takes advantage of pretty blonde college girls!

luvtodd said...

O M GEE!! does anyone know the name of the song that Scott plays in his room right before he rapes Melissa???? been looking for this song since 1996(yes too long!) if anyone can help......:)

ps. he plays it at beginning of movie, in his room, right before he attacks the other girl Courtney.

Jennifer Turner said...

@luvtodd I tried looking it up but so far no luck. If I find it I will let you know.