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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Best Little Girl In The World.

Once upon a time I used to religiously buy a copy of Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide. For a movie buff in the pre internet it was a plethora of movie information and trivia. One of the movie's listed in there had always intrigued me but damned if I could find it. That movie was The Best Little Girl In The World. It listed two of my favorite actresses Jennifer Jason Leigh and Ally Sheedy.

Well imagine my delight I was channel surfing to finally catch this much anticipated but never found film. Sigh anticipation is overrated. The movie while I'm sure pivotal for it's time was a script by numbers bore with a mostly uninteresting cast.

Based on the novel by Steven Levenkron, the film centers around Casey a high school junior. Casey is the epitome of the all American girl, an aspiring ballerina, cheerleader, good student, and someone who avoids sex, drugs, and booze. Casey's family on the other hand is a nightmare, her mother is overbearing, her father's a doormat, and her troublesome sister has just announced that she is pregnant. An overwhelmed Casey soon succumbs to Anorexia as a method of coping.

As I said before the movie is dull. With the exception of Leigh, the cast seems to be going through the motions. Not that I can blame them as the movie veers from dull and predictable to insanely ludicrous within seconds. You can predict every twist and turn without using single brain cell. And to add insult to injury Sheedy only appears in the film for one or two scenes playing a friend of Casey's.

Simply put if you are a major fan of Jennifer Jason Leigh then definitely give this a scene, she is quite wonderful. But if not it's better to avoid this film.