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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Resurrection Of The BlogRoll

Awhile ago I was a member of a blog roll type group. After awhile the blogroll kind of faded away and I was bummed. To my happy surprise the blogroll was resurrected. Here are two of the assignments.

Topic 1#:
What's the farthest you have traveled for food? Did you fly across the country just so you could have the perfect bowl of clam chowder? Did you cross the state line just for a scoop of ice cream? What was it, how far did you travel, and was it worth it?

I didn't specifically travel anywhere special for food, but there's one place I would go back to if I could. A few years ago I took a Greyhound from Seattle Wa to Winnipeg, Canada. En route we stopped at a bus terminal in Regina, and I bought a tuna salad sandwich that was just awesome. I adored it so on the trip back I ended up buying two more to enjoy.

To this day I have never tasted a tuna salad sandwich that was that amazing.

Topic 2#:

Write about what you eat when you're alone. Is it any different from what you eat when you have friends over, or even when you're eating with your s/o or kids? Why is that?

Foods I like to eat alone are what I dub "messy foods." Cheetos, hot wings, barbecue, anything that you can't pick up without getting it on your fingers. I can't eat messy foods in public. I worry that I will spill it on my clothes or get it all over my face.

When I am alone I don't worry about being a little messy, it's in fact even more enjoyable when I am relaxed.


Sadako said...

Mmm, hot wings. I agree. I hate eating those in public. They are yummy but you always get stuff all over you. Also, super cream cheesey bagels. They always put too much cream cheese on.

Miss High Heels said...

Such a valid point! Messy food is best eaten alone. I'm clumsy enough as it is with a knife, fork, plate and tablecloth. Throw messy food into the mix and I have a disaster on my hands.

Sadako said...

I can't wait for Endless Love. So cheesy looking!