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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Joel McHale Is A Stand Up Kind Of Guy

Sorry for the ghetto copy clip but that was the only one currently up on Youtube

For those of you who don't know Joel McHale is the host of E's The Soup. The Soup takes the major gossip, movie trailers, and television clips and provides some wicked satiric commentary on them. But in the last episode he also proves he has a heart with his small tribute to Heath Ledger in the above clip.

Unlike a lot of celebs Heath Ledger mostly avoided humiliating himself in front of the paps and devoted his life to his work and his family. Of course tabloids hate that and have been trying their damnedest to find something unflattering about him. And unlike some other people who shall remain nameless who were quick to make fun of him, Joel took the high road. That's of of the many reason I love Joel McHale.


myswtghst said...

I saw this the other night, and almost teared up. I thought it was funny and incredibly tactful at the same time, plus it got the message across very succintly. Way to go, Joel. One more reason for me to love you. :)