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Friday, January 4, 2008

Dirty Dancing: The Video Game

I've always considered myself a one game woman, and that games is Sims 2. Occasionally I do try to branch out. I tried SimCity 3000 and grew so annoyed with it that I stopped playing it rather quickly. I tried Second Life because a couple friends swore up and down it was just like Sims. A week later after encountering more than a few disturbing individuals, I uninstalled and never looked back.

However while traipsing about I stumbled across the demo and curiosity got the best of me. Playing the demo taught me one thing that I am still a one game woman and that game is still Sims 2.

Dirty Dancing as a movie is phenomenal as a game not so much. The graphics IMHO are second rate Disney ripoff. It's difficult to navigate and I had no clue how to advance in the game. Plus your eyes will burn with the vivid pinkness of the loading screen.

Dirty Dancing is a game designed for 13 year old girls but based on the nostalgia of their Moms. I do not see either demographic that would be interested in them.