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Monday, January 7, 2008

Blood Car

This film will either go down as the most disturbing film I've ever seen. It will also go down as one the best and most original. Blood Car is a great satire on today's ecological and economical concerns.

Mike Brune plays Archie Andrews a teacher and vegan who's working on a wheat germ fueled car in order to circumvent the ever rising gas prices. Due to an accident Archie's blood mixes in with the wheat germ and proves a success. His car grabs the attention of Denise (Katie Rowlett) the crude, overtly sexual, owner of a meat stand. The two soon embark on a wild sexual relationship that depends entirely on his ability to drive him around.

Archie learns that the engine doesn't even need wheat germ and starts killing random people in order to keep the Blood Car running. Unbeknown to Archie CIA agents have been monitoring his every move.

The cast consists of mostly unknown but talented actors. Anna Chlumsky best known for her roles in the My Girl movies make a welcome return as Lorraine, Archie's wheat germ supplier who harbors an obvious crush on him.

The movie is quirky, original, offbeat with a lot of great dialogue. The film is very Troma-like, no glitzy Hollywood cinematography at all. The sex scenes are awkward and at times kind of unpleasant. And if you are looking for a shiny happy ending, don't look here.

If you have read the last paragraph and still are interested this movie is definitely for you.