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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It Could Have Been Better

The Devil's Diary

When are people going to learn that a television movie does not have to be automatically substandard. Devil's Diary could have been a fun little horror film but was absolutely wrecked by too much disgusting special effects and too little plot development. Everything is too rushed with time wasted on characters who really have no place in the movie. The ending is left open for a sequel that I doubt anyone is truly panting for

In this film we meet Ursula and Dominique who are two outcasts who uncover a strange book that grants evil desires. Ursula begins to systematically attack all her tormentors, Dominique attempts to take the book from her before it's too late. Unfortunately one of Ursula's tormentors discovers the book and begins to use it for her own needs.

The cast is okay, Alexz Johnson is pretty enigmatic as Dominque. Degrassi's Deanna Casaluce and Miriam McDonald play against type as evil cheerleaders. And Charmed's Brian Krause plays a priest who helps Dominique in her task.

The film is mediocre at best and not recommended.