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Sunday, December 23, 2007

I Am Legend

I used to scoff at the term movie of the year. I mean how can one movie just surpass all the others made and be the best. I Am Legend however has embodied the term movie of the year.

Will Smith plays Military virologist Robert Neville the lone survivor of New York City after a virus has turned most of the world's population into nocturnal zombie like creatures. His only companion is his dog Sam who accompanies him as he attempts to cure the virus and hopefully find other human contact.

If you have read Richard Matheson's I Am Legend then be warned the book and movie are two way different entities. If you are looking for a truer version seek out 1971's The Omega Man instead.

I Am Legend is taut, intense film that keeps you on your toes. It makes great use of the themes of isolation and makes you really feel the solitary atmosphere that Robert is forced to endure. Will Smith is just awesome in the first film I've liked from him since Enemy Of The State.

You cannot miss this film, it's a great blend of drama and action with a very breathtaking ending. And if you see a movie called I Am Omega, please run screaming, I'm serious.