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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Final Destination 5

  Let's only hope it's the final destination. I actually liked the first and second Final Destination movies. They had some creative deaths, adequate character development and subtle use of foreshadowing. That all changed in part 3 when guts and gore took precedence over story line.

   This new trend was further exasperated by the introduction of 3D. Then it all whittled down to how many body parts could be thrown at the screen. The deaths became drawn out with foreshadowing that had the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

  The plot is as the same as the others, man predicts death, man prevents death, Death gets mad and gory goriness ensues.

    What I liked about the film was the return of Tony Todd, my favorite Scream King. I also liked the introduction of trading fates. It's a great morality question, would you kill a person to save your life. This could have been a great plot addition if they had explored it more. Unfortunately it's shuttled off to the sidelines in order to focus on the gore factor.

   What I hated was the drawn out death scenes and nauseating special effects. An eye flying towards the screen is bad enough, we did not need to see it ran over by a car two seconds later. In Part 1, a painting in the background predicted one of the characters' demise. It was subtle, unnoticeable unless you were paying attention. Then the subtlety sledgehammer came along.

   Case in point: Jerk ass character goes to a massage parlor. The first thing he does is insult a Buddha statue on a shelf. We pretty much know what's going to happen but they keep going on. He falls off a table while covered in needles. Oh, and the room is on fire, how will he ever survive? And here comes the Buddha fatality just when you thought it was safe. If they were trying for suspense they failed. All the deaths are like this, long and drawn out with one too many red herrings.

   The ending was a little more creative, if predictable, and a good full circle of the movie. Please just end it there. There's no more new ground to be covered and you beat the horse to death.