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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tonight On A Very Different Blossom

Feeling nostalgic I decided to Netflix Blossoms Season 1 & 2. On the DVD, I found the shows original pilot. The show that a lot of us grew up watching started out completely different.

To start things off, Blossom's parents are still together and played by different actors. Blossom's mom is named Barbara and works in the film industry. She is played by some actress named Barrie Youngfellow.

Blossom's father is named Terry Russo and is an accountant not a musician. He is played by Richard Masur who starred in IT and My Girl 1 & 2. Nothing against Ted Wass but I would've enjoyed seeing Richard keep this role. Why, because I have had this weird unexplained crush on the actor for years.

Joey Lawrence still plays Blossom's brother but is called Donnie and he seems a bit more intelligent than the character ended up being. He also rocks the mullet in the pilot. Anthony is also played by the same actor and is essentially the same character.

Six is still played by Jenna Von Oy but is tad bit dirtier than she ended up being. According to her character, she was named Six because that was how many beers it took for her dad to conceive her. She also claims that a more popular girl could breastfeed the homeless as a contribution to society. She's not the only character with PG 13 dialogue, Blossom's mother refers to pleasuring herself on occasion.

While I enjoyed watching the pilot I can see why they changed it. A precocious girl with the typical suburban family, it's been done. A precocious girl and her two brothers being raised by a single musician father was a fresher and more unique approach to the show.


nikki said...

Fascinating. I was a huge Blossom fan back in the day.


Sadako said...

Blossom with a mom, whoa!

Also didn't Blossom have a second older brother, Tony?

LadyJ3000 said...

Yes she did, he was played by the same actor in the pilot. And was pretty much the same character.