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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tamara: The Cinematic Love Child Of Jennifer's Body And May

Tamara is by far one of the strangest films I have had the pleasure to watch. It's a not a top notch horror film but it is still quite entertaining. It harkens back to a simpler time where horror were just slice and dice and didn't take itself that seriously. It's got the flippant humor that Jennifer's Body tried for, and the envelope pushing violence that made May awesome.

Tamara is an unpopular and bullied high school student who just happens to dabble in witchcraft. When she inadvertently exposes the football teams steroid use, the jocks plan revenge. However, their prank goes horrible wrong and Tamara winds up dead. Her murderers refuse to give up their bright futures and bury her in the woods. They are horrified when she returns sexy, powerful, and with an ax to grind.

For starters, Jenna Dewan who plays Tamara is awesome. As a nerdy girl bullied by her peers, you genuinely feel sorry for her. And when she comes back to claim her vengeance you root for her. She is so sexy and entertaining and it really doesn't matter that she's not that scary. Most of the cast is unknown with the exception of Chad Faust who starred in the film, Saved. Not having too many big actors gives the film a fresher feel.

The movie is predictable. You'll probably guess every twist and turn but it will still be entertaining. There are some scenes that push the limits in this film. If you are easily grossed out, I recommend not watching this film.

I reccomend this film for people who enjoy films like May, Teeth, and Jennifer's Body. It's fun, cheesy, and so bad that it is awesome. It is one of the few horror movies released in the last few years that I genuinely liked.