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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sorority Row

The scariest thing about Sorority Row is that it's even worse than it's predecessor, The House on Sorority Row. The House on Sorority Row was awful, bad acting, dull script, and one of the dumbest endings in horror movie history.

The "plot" of the film centers around a stereotypical sorority consisting of the alpha mean girl, the drunk, the geek, the nice girl, the token minority and the future corpse. But what's this the future corpse's boyfriend is cheating on her? Oh noes! The only thing to do is perform an elaborate prank that ends in an accidental death. Not wanting to get in any trouble the girls hide what they did and try to move on. Then this killer fisherman starts hunting them down and... wait wrong movie.

The actors in this film are pretty unremarkable. Audrina Partridge actually comes off as one the more interesting characters in the film, and she doesn't even make it to the second reel. Carrie Fisher is fun and bad ass as the girls' housemother but that doesn't make the film worth watching. Poor Carrie, she can do so much better.

Rumer Willis fares the worse as the slowly falling apart geek sister. Her entire role consists of her crying or worse yet screaming. Her character screams the most out of the entire film. I found myself mentally begging the killer to just do it already and spare my tortured eardrums. Rumer is a good actress, she just needs to stop taking craptacular roles like this one.

The murders are dull, no real shock value, no honest scares. Too many minor, unnecessary, characters clutter up the film and the identity of the killer and their reasons for killing, even more ludicrous than the House on Sorority Row.

Oddly enough though, the film did have some funny one liners. Had the film concentrated on the humor as opposed to the horror, this could have been a fun little movie.


Sadako said...

It almost look so bad it's good! And it even has a celeb kid in it? Awesomeness!