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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Satisfaction (A.K.A Girls Of Summer)

This movie is only for '80s movie fans, chick flick lovers, and die hard fans of Julia Roberts. This isn't a bad film, it just suffers from some bad moments.

The film centers around the teenage rock group, Mystery. Remember that name oddly enough for a movie about a rock group that name is hardly mentioned. The band is headed by Jennie Lee (Justine Bateman), a supposedly independent woman who is anything but. Daryl (Julia Roberts) who is referred to as a slut but really just wants to marry and settle down. There is Mooch (Trini Alvarado) the stereotypical bad girl thief. And Billie, a perpetual stoner and klepto. Rounding off the cast are Scott Coffey and Liam Neeson, who are simply there to be the dose of testosterone.

Despite how limited her character is, Julia Roberts is wonderful. She brings a spark to the screen and made even the most lamest lines somehow likable. Liam Neeson just looks bored throughout the film, you almost think that he wandered on the wrong set and is just going through the motions. Sadly he has absolutely no chemistry with Bateman and their great romance is kind of a bore.

There are lots of cheesy 80s montages, I can't believe they wore that outfits, and some pretty decent soundtrack choices. Unfortunately, since this is a movie about a band, we have to put up with the music mostly being by them. Since Justine Bateman's character is the lead singer, we are forced to listen to her dull and monotonic singing.

What is odd is that Britta Phillips actually can sing and play. She was the singing voice of Jem and in the recent years has cut an album. When her character sings, it is awesome but really further showcases the badness of Bateman.

But still the movie has some good points that are make up for the badness and if you are any fan of the aforementioned movies then definitely give this a go.

You can view the trailer here


C said...

I just saw this movie tonight. Justine's singing really was bad.