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Monday, October 29, 2007

Degrassi Of The Dead

I admit I was excited when I first heard about Degrassi's upcoming Halloween special. Being not only a fan of the show, but also a zombie movie enthusiast it was a dream come true. And for a little bit it was.

The plot consists of most of Degrassi turning into zombies after eating genetically modified foods (an inside joke to an older episode) The only survivors are Peter, Jay, Manny, Paige, and Ash who are barricaded inside the school with no one to rescue them. This non-canon episode is fun and a great escape from the usual Degrassi fare.

It would have been a great half hour of fun but instead we only got 15 minutes. And I had to sit through at least 2 of those god awful promos for that insipid About A Girl show. The remaining minutes were occupied by some bland as toast behind the scenes nonsense.

But it still was good fun if you are interested you can watch it in it's entirety on The