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Friday, August 10, 2007

I Know Who Killed Lindsay's Career

Awful, boring, waste of my time and money. There are so many ways to describe this awful piece or drivel that there is not enough room in this blog to contain it all. This 2007 "thriller" stars Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay plays typical high-schooler Aubrey Fleming who is kidnapped and tortured by a mysterious stranger. She is found in a ditch weeks later but insists she is not Aubrey but is Dakota Moss a stripper. As her family tries to convince her that she is Aubrey, Dakota tries to find the real Aubrey who she senses is alive.

Even though I have been greatly disappointed by Mrs. Lohan's two previous films (Just My Luck and Georgia Rule) I still wanted to see this flick. Partially due to the fact it was filmed in a nearby town but also due to the addition of Jessica Rose a.k.a. internet phenomenon lonelygirl15.

The worst part of this film was that they had a great idea but sacrificed plot for "intense" scenes full of "stunning imagery" The ending is short and abrupt with no follow-up, what you can't even tack on an ending explaining the fates of the remaining characters?

Here's hoping rehab will cure Lohan enough to accept more coherent scripts and less of this garbage.