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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Runaways

I admit I was a little leery about watching this. I am a huge Joan Jett fan and was afraid this movie would be an exploitative hack job.

The film's trailer would have you believe that it's nothing but sex and scantily clad women with a little rock thrown in. The film however is very sensitive to it's subjects and avoids being just another rags to riches story.

I had concerns about the casting of Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, and Scout Taylor Thompson. I had yet to see a movie with Kristen and Scout that I actually liked and I am still trying to accept Dakota Fanning as a grown-up. But after seeing this I have to say I am seeing all three actresses in a new light.

Kristen was especially impressive, in looks, mannerisms, and voice, she embodied Joan Jett. Scout made a great Lita Ford, but due to Lita's refusal to participate, she is barely seen. Dakota as wild child Cherie Currie steals the film. If she can avoid the pratfalls of other teen stars there's no telling how amazing an actress she can become.

Other actors in the film are Riley Keough, Tatum O'Neal, and Michael Shannon. Michael plays the girls manager, Kim Fowley. He is hysterical and almost every line he utters is comic gold.

Another impressive point was their handling of the much touted lesbian scene between Joan and Cherie. Instead of being some Skinemax wanna-be, it was an honest tender seen with the smutty parts happening off screen.

As for anachronisms I'm afraid there quite a few of them. But I understand that some things had to be altered for the sake of the story. The movie has a great soundtrack and awesome musical performances. The actors actually sing and play their own instruments which gives the film a better sense of realism.

This is a film I would definitely recommend to Joan Jett fans and music lovers. Don't let the trailer or cast scare you away, this film is worth the rental.


Alison said...

I have all the same fears about this film. My parents are huge Joan Jett fans (They just saw her in concert again two weeks ago.), so I grew up hearing her music.

In Into the Wild, Kristen Stewart's character sings...and it isn't good. I heard that Stewart recorded her own versions of the songs for this movie, so I'm incredibly fearful. And why would you do that when you're making a movie about a SINGER?! Couldn't she just lip sync so we could hear the voice we're looking forward to?

Please tell me--Did she lip sync or does she secretly have a great voice and held out on us for ItW?

LadyJ3000 said...

In my opinion she did very well. Not as good as Joan (obviously) but she isn't horrible.

Amiee said...

Yeah I sound like you,hesitant to see it but probaly won't be able to stop myself! It's only just come to the cinema here though!