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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Odd Girl Out

This is a film that really hit home for me. Back in my middle school days I was bullied. I recieved the nasty notes, the prank calls, and blows to my self-esteem all of it. But I feel blessed that this was before the internet was a common thing. Because cloaked in the anonymity of the internet is the potential to destroy someone.

Alexa Vega plays Vanessa, a kind and smart 8th grader who also in is in with the main clique in school. However catches the attention of the queen bee's crush and suddenly finds herself public enemy number one. She is soon subjected to hate sites and harassment online and in real life. Her best friend Stacy joins in the teasing, being nice to Vanessa one second and turning against her the next.

At first her mother does not take her seriously and passes it off as harmless fighting. But soon the harassment causes Vanessa to do something drastic and her mother vows to find a way to protect her daughter.

Odd Girl Out is well acted and thought provoking. The teenage characters come off as realistic and the dialogue rings true. This film proves just how dangerous the girls will be girls mentality that a lot of parent take on. After all look what happened to Megan Meier who experienced this type of behavior in real life.

I recommend that teenagers or anyone with a teenager watch this. It exposes just how harsh and damaging this behavior can be to the victim.

The movie also stars Lisa Vidal who might be better known as playing Sandy Lopez in the NBC drama ER.